Tact already works for basic communication, but we have tons of work left to do. You can help us by joining the private beta. It’s not for everyone, though. Here's what to expect.

What does “private beta” mean? In general, terms like alpha testing, beta testing and others mean that a piece of software is getting close to finished, but needs to be tested with a larger number of people and more scenarios than is possible in-house. Various companies use terms like alpha, beta, development, etc. to indicate different levels of quality. At Tact, we claim the app is usable for its basic intended purpose, but there are still many rough edges, unclear and unimplemented features. Other companies might call this quality level alpha or even still in development.

Why open it to the public then if it’s still so raw? Shouldn’t you finish it first? It’s helpful for us to get external eyes on our work as soon as possible, so we don’t spend too much time building something that’s not really usable or useful.

Do I need to have previous beta test experience? Do you only accept experienced testers and early adopters? Previous beta test experience helps, but is not required. We look for people from all walks of life with various backgrounds.

How will I get access to the software during the beta test? We distribute our iOS build through Apple’s TestFlight. For macOS, you will receive a direct download link.

What do you expect of me? What should I do during the beta test? You should simply use Tact as you use any other app, to communicate with Tact staff, other testers, or friends and family around you. (All your Tact contacts need to be part of our beta program though, so feel free to refer them to this page.) When you encounter bugs or problems in the software, we’ll ask you to file a bug report. Occasionally, we may contact beta testers for an informal listening session in the form of a phone or video call, to learn more about you and how Tact fits in your life.

How do I file a bug report? How do I see the status of my bug report? We have a dedicated GitHub project for beta bugs. You get access to it when you join our private beta. You’ll need a GitHub account if you don’t already have one.

How long will the beta test last? Is there an end date or deadline? Tact development and private beta will continue until we are ready to release it publicly as a paid product. We do not have a specific deadline for this. It’s done when it’s done.

Are my communications safe during the beta? Will you have access to my data? Your data is safe, and we have no access to it. As we describe on the Facts page, your data moves from your device to Apple iCloud without us ever having access to it. If there are ever any bugs where we would need to look at your communications, we can only do so together with you and with your explicit permission. For example, if you are seeing something wrong in Tact on your device, we may request you to provide a screenshot to help us with debugging, since we have no other way to reproduce the situation on our end.

I went through everything, and I want to help and join the private beta. How do I actually join? Email us Write a bit about yourself, your impression of Tact, and why you want to join the test. At this stage, we’re looking for people who believe in our vision, so it helps to go through our Principles.